Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Anh-Tuan's LS400

After becoming a father Anh-Tuan Tran sold his 2 door Lexus SC300 to get a more family oriented vehicle. This is where the LS400 came into the picture, already black on black and endless possibilities to go VIP. We loved the car and wanted to give justice to the VIP scene where the LS holds a special place. 

To achieve the stance D2 coilovers were installed and some Junction Produce Scara’s were mounted initially. Although there are plenty of options for body kits and lip kits for the LS400 Anh-Tuan fell in love with how the 04-06 LS430bumper flowed, particularly the fog lights. So a custom bumper was in order. Matting the bottom half of the LS430 to the top half of the LS400 was the only way to ensure fitment. A detailed write up on the process is documented in our DIY / Tutorial section. After the front bumper was created, the sides and the rear bumper needed a face lift to flow with the slick front bumper. The Wald side skirts and rear lip kit flowed nicely with the front. Fitment was spot on and after test fitting everything it went in for paint. The two tone paint scheme the LS came with was ditched and an all black LS emerged. The result speaks for itself. 

The interior is adorned with junction produce accessories like the Junction Produce neck pads, black kintuna knots, black fusa and rear curtains to compliment the Recaro seats his son is encompassed in. VIP baby carrier!

Anh-Tuan was always a fan of the Leon Hardiritt Beil’s and although the Scara’s were a great set of wheels, it was time for more aggressive offsets and so Beil’s were ordered. As it sits now, the static ride’s killer combo of deep dish wheels, the smooth lines of the custom front bumper and the Wald kit brings out the elegance and sophistication of this ride. Stay tuned for more updates on this ride because there is more in store for this Black Knight.

Make     : Lexus
Model    : LS400
Year       : 1998 
Wheels : Leon Hardiritt Beils 19 x 9 (F) & 19 x 10 (R)
Suspensions: D2 Coilovers
Other Mods: Custom front bumper, Wald side skirts and rear bumper, 6000K Low beams, 3000k Fog Lights, Wood Grain Steering wheel, Pioneer Navigation unit, Junction Produce aesthetic interior accessories and much more to come...