Monday, July 17, 2023

300ZX - Ground up epic re-build - Suspension, Brakes & Wheel fitment!

With the front subframe looking all fresh we couldn't leave the rear subframe looking aged. So out that came and was blasted, powder coated and all new bushings installed. Got all new arms as well some were on back order but pics will show them installed as they came in. 

Everything looks soo clean!! Big break kit was added to flow with all the new parts and colors and will be much needed after the power upgrades. Was waiting on the new coilovers, only old piece on here at this point.

During the build process had procured some Work equips because well they are classic clean cut wheels that we thought would go perfectly with the rest of the build. Only problem was getting the right specs. Found a set of used wheels where the rear specs would work for the fronts (based off of the initial measurements). Also had to factor in brake caliper clearance to get the right disk clearance for the face of the wheels. With all the right measurements taken, some disassembly, new outer lips swapped around inner lips and reassembly found the perfect offsets!! 

Look at this combo!! BEAUTIFUL!!

With the fitment addressed we couldn't let some tired looking wheels go on the car. Full refresh of the faces with a custom color to offset the body color. 

Even the inside of the spokes were freshened up.

Although the lips were new there was some hazing, so addressed that by polishing it.

The bolts looked dull. Replacing them are pricey with original hardware. I wanted the details of the original hardware so tried polishing up all the bolts.

After a lot of trials got he bolts looking shiny and fresh again without sacrificing any of the details or a lot of money!

More to come.....

-AJ Abraham

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Friday, July 14, 2023

300ZX - Ground up epic re-build - Interior!

When striping the car down for paint we had also stripped the interior out to get the interior refreshed. Since the interior was stripped we went ahead and added some sound deadening and ran new wires etc. for a sound system upgrade as well. 

The factory speaker boxes were modified to accommodate the new speakers.

While at paint the interior was getting some new new EVERYTHING!! The dashboard got wrapped in leather and incorporated red double stitching no the edges to add definition and detail. 

Look at all that detail work!!

The door panels and seats got some love too. Everything was wrapped in a mix of leather and suede with the aforementioned double red stitching as well. 

Fresh glass installed after paint as well!

The interior came out beautiful if I do say so myselfl!!! Awesome details!!

The red stitching even flows from the door panels to the dash!

Super happy with how this turned out!

-AJ Abraham

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300ZX - Ground up epic re-build - Body Work & Paint!

With the engine bay addressed an awaited order finally came in. The first TwinZ Design body in the US! Mocked up the kit and everything fit beautifully! Took some measurements for clearance etc and the next stage of this build was underway!

The front fender and rear quarter panel was cut and cleared for the car to go lower and take advantage of the body kit. The inner rear quarter panel was welded onto the outer panel to keep the structural integrity. 

The car was stripped and every single piece was disassembled and painted and addressed individually.  

For the wing we chose to mold the aftermarket wing to smooth out the lines of the trunk and happy we did.

With everything stripped & all the body work complete it was ready for paint. Painting all the parts individually meant a couple of paint sessions.

This color looks so beautiful on this car!

To finish putting the kit on we had drilled holes previously and now after paint proceeded to install rivet nuts to mount the kit on. Masked off all areas where possible marring might occur.

Did the same process for the front fenders as well after it was cleranced for the kit and lower stance. 

There was a lot of white so everything looked like it blended in. To add more definition decided to go with a black textured undercoating, This adds a rugged nuance and also adds definition which makes the kit stand out more. Did that to the rear bumper, side skirt extension and the canards for the front bumper.

-AJ Abraham

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