Sunday, January 26, 2014

Vape & Scrape Event Recap

My friend Aaron has been into vaping for some time now and was a regular at a local vape shop in Winston-Salem.  He got with the owners of the shop and proposed the idea of doing a car meet at the shopping center where the shop was located.  The store owners were totally down, so they went around to all the neighboring businesses to ask for permission to have a car meet in the parking lot, so after everybody gave them the OK, we were on our way to our 1st ever Vape & Scrape Meet.  I had no real idea on how the turn out would be since we were trying to keep it relatively small, but when the day came, we pretty much packed the whole entire shopping center and then some.  It was awesome seeing all the cars that came out!  Along with the usual faces like Wilkesboro crew, Trendzsetter crew, and my Team RPM guys, we had people from South Carolina, Charlotte, Raleigh and other neighboring cities coming through.  There were a lot of nicely built stance cars at the meet.  We got haggled by the cops later on because it got too crowded, they were giving tickets to anybody parked in the handicap spots or parked slanted.  Aside from that, the meet went relatively smooth with good weather, lots of vaping, and most importantly, a good group of people to hang out with.  Can't wait to do it again next year.  For more pictures, check out our facebook album:  VAPE & SCRAPE 2014 PHOTO ALBUM

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Short Video of AJ's Car

First Time using the slider in this video. I didn't really think it was good enough to post on the blog, but it's a cool video to see AJ's car in video format.

Vape & Scrape 2014 Video

So, this is my second time making a video using the slider. I am still editing using the windows movie maker because I need a better computer to use the better programs out there. Windows movie maker is okay, it's an easy program to use, but the music keeps going out of sync so it was a big pita to get the transitions in sync with the music. I messed up a lot. I still need to work on getting the slider completely stable before sliding because a lot of my clips ended up with some wobbling and I couldn't use it. Hopefully I can maybe make a motorized system so that the slides are steady. Anyways, enjoy the video, let me know what you think. Share it and hopefully the next one will be much better.