Thursday, August 10, 2023

LX470 - Grill mod

Really liked the idea of some raptor style lights on the grill. Saw the aftermarket grill options for the LX but I wanted a more subtle OEM+ look. So got some lights to mod up and see where it goes. 

The lights I got had a smoked finish because I wanted it to blend in when not in use. They were made for a Tacoma grill I believe. When I got it, I saw that it had some extensions so trimmed that. And I also used silicone to seal all the edges etc just to ensure that it was watertight.  

This is how I liked the placement of the final product to be. 

So guess snow ball time, the grill looked rough, it is 23 years old so it was time for a refresh anyway. sanded the whole grill down except for the chrome and used epoxy to glue all the lights down. 

Sealed the whole grill before paint and then on went paint and clear. Tried to match the paint as close as possible but went with a slightly lighter shade, very OEM +. 

All the wiring was heat shrunk and used braided cable sleeves to keep the wiring clean and protected. 

Routed all the wiring between the grills so you don't see any of it from the outside. 

Happy with how this turned out. 

-AJ Abraham

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