Sunday, August 20, 2017

SC430 - Smart Keyless Entry, Push button start and phone control

Since I've had the SC430 I've wanted newer car amenities and smart key and push button start is something I've wanted in this car as well. This is where Advanced keys came into play, when discussing this install with Shaun at 919 Motoring in Raleigh,  NC he suggested integrating the smart key along with a couple of Compustar's components to give it an after market security system and drone which gives me access to features via my smart phone along with GPS tracking etc and no limitation on range.

I did want the push button start in the factory location of where the key was and that I think was the biggest pain in the ass since it was the first one that I had installed. The ignition system once separated from the steering column the rest was just wiring etc. In order to separate the ignition system from the steering wheel column there are two security bolts that need to be drilled out and then removed by dropping the steering wheel column. I did that part and Shaun took care of all the wiring. It's been a couple of months since I've had it on and I'm very happy with it. Car unlocks when I am in proximity to it and locks itself when I'm out of proximity. No keys etc needed to start car etc, trunk can be popped with the new remote. Car can be started via the app on my smart phone along with other features that can be programmed like retract roof, windows down etc. The app also shows the status of the car, doors locked, voltage etc. I'm very happy with it and want to thank Shaun at 919 Motoring for his expertise.

-AJ Abraham

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