Monday, January 31, 2022

LX470 Header & Suspension refresh

Been stocking up on parts slowly with plans on refreshing the LX this included some Doug Thorley headers. I can hear that the issue currently, either the header has a crack in it or the header gasket is shot. My mentality on maintenance is while I'm in there... so with that thought process in mind I was planning on replacing the following while changing out the headers:

Doug Thorley Short Tube Headers - 98-04 - THY-561-SS-C
(2) Manifold Gaskets OEM 17173-50021
(0-16) Manifold to Cylinder Head Studs OEM 90126-10015
(2) Header to Cat gasket OEM 90917-06065
(16) Header nuts OEM 90179-10070

While the headers are being done there are parts that make sense in changing while it is getting swapped out so the following parts were on the list.

Engine mount L& R (12361-50121 x 2) 190.87 X 2
Engine Stabilizer L& R (12381-50100 x 2) 53.15 X 2
Transmission mount (12371-50081)
Front stabilizer end links

I currently don't have room to have a vehicle down or work on over a couple of days so I waited for a friend of mine who is a really good tech to have some time to install these parts. There are maybe a handful of people that I trust to work on my vehicles. After a short wait he got me in, Well in about 4 hours he had the headers done, end links, motor and transmission mounts & diff arms and bushings done. While he was doing all that up front I got the rear lower control arms, pan hard bars, springs and end links done.  So productive weekend for sure, got a lot done. 

Rear suspension parts:
KING KTRS-79 Coils
Rear - Lateral pan hard bar OEM (48740-60080)
Rear - Lower OEM (48720-60040) x 2

Parts I forgot to take with me to install so going to do that later.
Rear - Upper Right (Air box side) OEM (48710-60070)
Rear - Upper Left OEM (48710-60080)

New headers.

New Diff bushings

New transmission mount

New motor mounts

New end links front and rear

New lower control arms, pan hard bars and King springs.

Bye bye, old parts you've served the LX well. 

-AJ Abraham

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