Saturday, July 13, 2013

Anh-tuan's 2009 Mercedes C300 - D2 Air Ride Install !!

After the unfortunate demise of his older car Anh-tuan ventured into the euro territory and acquired a Mercedes. A Mercedes C300. The LS400 was scheduled to go on air so that's the first mod that was set to get done on the Mercedes. Of course at this point it's safe to say that D2 Racing is our go to for our suspension needs. D2 expedited a kit for us and that coupled with the Ridetech airpod again, was a match made in heaven.

Armed with all the right mods, everything was scheduled and as always Matt was on board to help (by help I mean do the whole thing and I do all the bitch work). Whenever I say things are easy Matt has a tendency, based on history, to expect the but this was fairly easy.  After the liners were off  the suspensions were easy to get out. For the rears the trunk liners along with the fender liners have to be removed to fully remove the shocks.

Once the shocks and springs were out replaced everything with all the D2 shocks and bags. One area that needed attention was the sway bar end links. When lowered if there isn't an adjustable sway bar end link you will run into popping/knocking noises coming from the sway bars. Address that issue with either adjustable spherical end links or regular adjustable end links. These are vehicle specific so do your research.

All the lines were ran under the car, through the frame rail. Gromets, line holders, zip ties, wire loom and rubber lines were used to protect the air lines themselves. Let's just say that the lines are more secure and protected than the fuel lines that are running under the car.

The front suspensions came with camber plates but well the camber bolts cold not be accessed through the tiny opening in the shock tower so that had to be trimmed out. It was time consuming because one, the metal itself was thick there so had to be trimmed slowly and second because Matt wanted to take time shaping it properly.

All the D2 components fit and worked flawlessly for this application as well and was very pelased with the quality and fitment.

So not bad for a Saturday afternoon's work.

This car is just getting warmed up....