Wednesday, April 3, 2024

CT200h - Suspension Refresh

I didn't address anything as far as suspensions were concerned since I got the car. During an oil change I noticed one of the rear shocks had a slight leak so thought suspension refresh was in order. Also I was hearing a slight ticking noise when I'm braking and the car was under 15mph. From my research the ticking could be caused by either axle or the steering damper. Since the damper was the cheaper of the two I started with that. Unfortunately the damper wasn't it so I moved on to the suspensions. Since parts needed to be addressed anyway I figured it was due time to address anything that could wear over time. 

Onto the parts list:

Coilovers - D2 Racing RS Series Coilover - (D-LE-14-RS)
Tie rods - Front Inner - (MEVOTECH MS86749)
Tie rod - Front Left Outer -  OEM (45047-49165)
Tie rod - Front Right Outer -  OEM (45046-49225)
Front Cam Bolt - MOOG K90477 x 2
Rear upper camber arm - Megan - MRS-SC-0510
Sway bar end link -Front - MOOG K750043
Sway bar end link - Rear - MOOG K750522
Sway bar bushings - Front - MOOG K201559
Sway bar bushings - Rear - TRW JBU2265
Control Arm - Front right lower rearward - MOOG RK622202 Complete Arm w/ Ball Joint
Control Arm - Front left lower rearward - MOOG RK622203 Complete Arm w/ Ball Joint
Electric Power Steering Damper - OEM - (45254-28040)
Axle Front RH - PDL (1700-517435)
Axle Front LH - PDL (1700-517434)
Axle seal RH - OEM (90311-40037)
Axle seal LH - OEM (90311-50064)

My initial plan was to install the coilovers first, give it a week or two to settle and then change out all the other parts and then do an alignment. 

Onto the install:

Before installing coilovers I go ahead and put some anti seize on the threads that come in contact with the lower perch. Some coilovers do state to not put any anti seize so follow manufacturers directions. I've never had any coilovers seize on me so this is what I do. 

After the install with my initial measurements this is how the car sat with the wheels I plan on running.

Lowered it about 3/4" more to have a better fitment.

With the height dialed in I put my factory wheels back on for about 2 weeks before my buddy Matt was able to schedule me in at the shop. This was planned because I figured the coilovers would settle in that time frame.

All the new parts.

I did know that there was a front main seal so did that as well. Then Matt pointed out that I had a slight leak coming from the Oil pressure sensor so have that one coming to swap out as well. There were no other leaks, happy about that.

All the motor mounts!! What a pain! All new OEM parts for replacement.

All the old parts that came out!

A fresh oil change and after an alignment the car drives very well! Responsive, much smoother, no weird noises and peace of mind! 218000 miles and still going strong!

-AJ Abraham

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