Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anh-Tuan's LS with an identity crisis.

A small accident left Anh-Tuan's LS needing some body work and paint to the rear end. Seemed like the best time to actually get a long overdue conversion and overhaul. After creating the front bumper to encompass the styles of the LS430 the only logical change to the rear end was the addition of the integrated LS460 exhaust tips. The LS was also in dire need of a complete paint job and Exotics came through to take on the task at hand and WOW is all we can say. 

The LS got a fresh new coat of pure VIP blackness and looks absolutely fresh. Car still needs to be taken back for a buff and polish after the clear cures completely but results are speechless. Deep black, silky smooth and the exhaust tips were mounted without any issues. The only concern we had was when cutting into the Wald Rear lip to integrate the LS460 tips, but Exotics did a seamless job in executing this. Brackets were made to hold the tips in place and well pics speak for itself.

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