Monday, September 3, 2012

2006 Lexus GS430 - A new beginning.

After the loss of the 2001 GS300, a 2006 Lexus GS430 was added to the stable. Like with its predecessor a complete overhaul was planned. Usually the first things I change are the HIDs, leds, wiper blades and a JDM squash air freshener :). My wiper blade of choice are the PIAA blades and I would recommend them to anyone. Stock HIDs are replaced with 6k and the fog lights and high beams are changed to 6k HIDs too. I have a mini tech system now so was able to turn off my DRLs in order for the HIDs to work. 

Prevention is better than cure, so with this mindset all maintenance parts were ordered. 


Toyota (90916-02586) Multi Rib Belt
Toyota (13540-50030) Timing Belt Tensioner
Toyota (13505-0F010) Timing Belt Idler
Toyota (13503-0F010) Timing Belt Idler
Toyota (13568-09070) Timing Belt
Toyota (16100-59275-83) Water Pump w/Housing
Toyota Water pump O ring (96761-35025)
Toyota Water pump gasket (16325-31010)
Toyota thermostat (90916-03100)
Toyota thermostat gasket (16346-50010)
Toyota Coolant (00272-SLLC2)
Toyota Valve Cover gaskets (11213-50031 & 11214-50011)
Toyota Spark Plug Gasket (11193-50010) x 8
Toyota Throttle Body Gasket (22271-500042)
OEM Front Main Seal (90311-A0001)
OEM Camshaft Seal (90311-A0004) (x2)
NGK Plugs IFR6T11
K&N Air Filter
Amsoil Performance improver  APICN (x2)
Seafoam SF16
Seafoam Deep Creep

Amsoil transmission fluid (ATLQT) 12qt
Seafoam TT16
Toyota Transmission Filter
Toyota Transmission Pan Gasket (35168-60010)

All lubricants: engine, transmission, brake, differential and power steering fluids are going to be cleaned, flushed and replaced with Amsoil fluids. A seafoam treatment, throttle body cleaning, cabin filter and battery replacement are also in the plans.

Moog inner tie rods EV800244 (x2) 
Moog Outter tie rod Left ES800212
Moog Outter tie rod Right ES800213
Moog Ball joint Left K500123
Moog Ball joint Right K500124

For brakes I chose to go with StopTech cryo treated drilled rotors. Decided to stick with Amsoil's brake fluid as well. On the GS300 I had got some Rotora rotors and got them cryo treated locally back in the day. That paired up with some HAWK HPS pads gave me all the braking force that I needed. Unfortunately Hawk does not make any brake pads for the 2006 GS430 and so I decided to give the EBC Red Stuff a shot. The cryo treatment removes all thermal and mechanical stresses within the rotor. With a more uniform metal structure, the rotor dissipates heat quickly, evenly and from past experience definitely enhances the life of the rotor. Definitely worth it. For more in depth reading on the cryogenic process you can goodle it :) or check this link out.

I also chose to go with the StopTech stainless steel lines which also has Teflon outer jackets. Previously I had Rotora lines but again Rotora doesn't make rotors or lines for the GS430.

StopTech Front SS lines - 950.44003
StopTech Rear  SS lines - 950.44504

Updates on the install coming soon....

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