Sunday, August 25, 2013


DANKFEST 2013!!! Well, it was dank to say the least. We've been to Dankfest since its conception and to see it grow the way it has is really awesome! Hoodstatus, Sneed's Speed Shop & the Wilkesboro Crew did a great job with the event this year. We know how hard it is to put together a meet and to do it for free with live music and activities is going above and beyond for the scene. Hats off to these guys!!

With minimal sleep, we had a small crew make the trip from the RDU area in the wee hours of the morning, meeting up with people en-route to Winston. Some of us were still having wheel fitment issues getting addressed even before businesses were opened, so some of us stayed up overnight fixing that mess, that's dedication right there. Regardless of the issues, we all made it out in one piece and so the day began. Tents were popping up all over the lot, music blaring, the crisp cool breeze of the morning and a slew of people wearing neon t-shirts running around setting up, directing traffic, parking, making sure everything was in line for a great day. Our girl Abigael Nikkol came through as usual and held it down at our booth to make it look even more attractive.  We had the hookah out, a table full of our merchandise, and a gang of friends to help hold down the fort. We also had our photographers running around making sure the meet had all the coverage it needed.

There were so many cars this year and they filled up the parking lot quick! It was great to see people from different states joining the mix.  We saw people from SC, VA, NY, and even TN come through for this meet.  Here are a few shots we took of the meet.  For full event coverage, please visit our facebook page:

One thing everyone need to realize at local events is that burnouts, two step, peeling out and other forms of debauchery might seem cool but there is a time and place for it. A lot of local events get shut down because of this and that really does not help the scene. At the end of the day, the show is all about you as an individual with your passion, love and pride for your ride. So thank you for showing it off and making the event a great one. Please try to control your testosterone and come out and enjoy the cars.  NC Passion drive!!

Don't forget to check out the hundreds of photos on our page and follow us on instagram: flawless_fitment.

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