Friday, June 27, 2014

My C300 on K-Break Hybreed Fivestas

Got a chance to wash my car today, so I figured I take some shots of it since the weather was nice.

Current Stance:

Don't mind the random carbon fiber vinyl strip.  It's strategically placed to cover some paint damage.  This front end is being replaced anyways, so I am not going to bother fixing it.

I am a big fan of radius fenders, but the tucked look has grown on me.

Rear carbon fiber splitter and round exhaust tips

The side carbon fiber add-on pieces work really well with the rear splitter.  Also, check out the blue euro wide-angle side mirror lens.  These are dope because a red arrow flashes when you use your turn signals.  

Simple Carbon Fiber front lip and blacked out AMG grill

I love the step lip look from this angle

Aftermarket LED arrow side mirror, chrome handles and window visors

Team RPM & Flawless Fitment decals

Custom Flawless Fitment tank.

K-Break Hybreed Fivestas!  Painted brake caliper with chrome Mercedes decal and cross drilled rotors really tied everything together nicely.

That tuck doe!

I bleached the purple fusa I had from my last car and dyed it red to match the car paired with a black kurotsuna and a free Juntion Produce LED flashlight I got from my VIP magazine.  The flashlight was black, but the sun made it turned into a beautiful copper color.

I used a fabric dye marker to color the "MISSIONS" part on the JP neck pad red.  Looks pretty sweet in person.

I've  had these JP seat cushions for a veryyyyy long time now, so they are hella faded.  But they still hold up great and does the trick for not burning my butt on hot leather in the summer and not freezing my butt in cold weather in the winter.


  1. What are your rim specs? Love the car, simple and clean. Nothing too over the top.

  2. How did u get the wheels have bin trying to get some but the web site is all in foreign language. Would love details on it feel free to send to my email address