Wednesday, January 28, 2015

SC430 ecru interior rejuvenation.

Picked up an SC430 with a dingy interior among other small issues and this was the first step to cleaning up the interior. 

This is the process I used:
1 - Clean seats with Lexol diluted in warm water with a grey scotch pad (just to see if cleaning can take anything off)
2 - I sanded the seats with 320 grit sand paper, the sanding is to help the product adhere to the seats better. It also smoothed the leather out but also takes off a layer of 'paint'? I say paint because sanding dust was the color of the seats. The ecru interior is said to have a coating on top of the leather which gives it the color and it isn't a true dye. The sanding might have just been evidence to that.
3 - vacuumed dust off
4 - wipe down with 90% alcohol and grey scotch pad. This really made me think it is paint because it had the same effect of paint, it started removing or thinning the paint and the grey pad was turning white.
5 - wipe down with clean cloth
6 - quick wipe down with a clean microfiber and alcohol.
7 - Mask
8 - Spray the SEM 15003

Results are awesome and I couldn't be happier. As far as longevity I cannot say, but others who have used the same product have reported no issues over time. If I notice anything I will update.




-AJ Abraham

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