Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SC430 Cheap Big Brake Upgrade.

The SC430 shares a lot if the characteristics of the 2nd gen GS as far as suspensions goes. A great relatively cheap upgrade to the GS that I've wanted to do in the past on my 2ng Gen GS was to put the LS400 brakes on. The LS400 brakes are made from aluminium, so they are lighter, they have double the pistons and the best bang for your buck when it comes to brake upgrades. Since I never got around to doing it on the GS and since I'm a hoarder I had some LS400 calipers that have been sitting that would be perfect for the SC. 

I hate doing stuff twice, I'd rather take my time and do it once and do it right. Since these brakes have been sitting and almost 15 years old I figured it was a good time to rebuild it and give it a little freshening up. Fairly easy to do, a rebuild kit for about $25 to $30 and a little bit of time definitely puts my mind at ease. 

Use air pressure to pop pistons out, you don't have to split the brakes apart but I did just to clean it up better. Replaced all the seals, o rings, boot covers, locks, lubed everything up and pressed the pistons back in. 

I think I spent more time cleaning it, than rebuilding it. In retrospect I should have media blasted the outside (do not media blast or try to brush where the pistons sit), it would've been faster. 

Prepped, masked and etch primed it and now ready for some color.

-AJ Abraham

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