Monday, January 6, 2020

SC430 - headlight mods.

A lot of projects have been on the back burner due to life but I think this one takes the cake for me. I was going through my garage and I came across my 06 and up headlights that I had bought back in 2015! 

They were used so needed some TLC so I started on refurbishing the headlights. There seemed to be a little oxidization on the outside of the lens and a little on the inside too right in front of the projector. Probably why I put it on the back burner, it was more work than I wanted to take on at the time. I tried to find a replacement lens but failed to find one. In order to fix this my thought process was I actually needed to take the lens apart and sand the oxidization off and clear the inside and outside of the lens. Since the lense had to come off anyway I figured it would be a good time to customize the inside and change the fresnel lens to a clear lens too. I didn't want anything crazy, just a clean looking headlight. So in the oven it went and got the lenses seperated.

Above picture shows the oxidization of the lens on the inside. This was only on the passenger side headlight but I went ahead and did both lenses.

Sanding and clearing the inside of the headlights with 2k clear brought these back to life. I didn't want to do the outside yet because I wanted to finish the rest of the headlight and put it all back together and then do the outside.

Got my TSX clear lenses in so installed that as well.

With that situated I debated on what else to do to the internals. I already knew I wanted to get rid of the chrome in the bezel because it was too bright for the car IMO. I found a shade of grey with good flop in it, not too dark and not too light that I thought would look good and had it painted.

I wanted to add a little more detail into the headlights and I noticed the ridges on the bezel in front of the high beams and wanted to accentuate those. Also wanted to try a DRL strip that I could possibly use.

Measurement of the ridge on the bezel.

Tried a LED strip on the bezel just to get a visual.

Scrapped the LED strip idea because I thought it would stand out too much in the headlight.

I had some reflective vinyl from another project and thought I could use that in those ridges. Used the measurements of the ridges to draw up strip to get cut on the vinyl cutter.

Tried a couple of different ideas and this is what I ended up liking. Notice the black in the ridges and around the low beam portion with the logo on it. 

This is the same headlight with light shining on it.

Was pretty happy with the subtlety of it so went ahead and resealed the headlight. When resealing headlights I didn't want to take the chance of just using the old butyl. I got a roll of the Morimoto butyl and used it to reseal the headlights. Off to the body shop again, sanded and cleared the outside of the lenses with 2k clear. 

The final product.

Now I just need to figure out what I want to do with my front bumper and then put these on!

-AJ Abraham

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