Saturday, October 16, 2021

LX470 ScanGauge II Mounting

I've been trying to find a good spot for this scan gauge in the car and something that I could look at at a glance without taking my eyes off the road. I tried putting it on top of the steering shifter column but I didn't like how it would cover up the warning lights etc. 

@ben3dbuild makes an awesome mount to go in the upper console and a couple of other places. I liked the upper console location except my LX470 does not have the upper console with the sunglass holder which came in the 2003 and up LX's. I was debating on swapping the upper console from the 03 and up LX. While all this was going on I had to tow a car and wanted to make sure the rig was good for the tow so temporarily hooked up the ScanGauge and left it in the cluster area. I really liked the location and after my tow I thought I'd want to mount it in the same area without covering up any warning lights etc. I went down the rabbit hole of designing a holder to 3D print and going down that path also get a decent/cost effective 3D printer to do so. Well a couple of weeks went by and the wire was annoying me so I just ran the wires behind the panels and then I just used some velcro on both edges of the edges of the ScanGauge to accommodate the for the curve on the cluster and well attached it. 

Sometimes I think just keeping it simple works. 

-AJ Abraham

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