Wednesday, November 30, 2022

CT200h - Rearview mirror upgrade.

Went to the junk yard over the weekend because there was 2012 Prius listed and wanted to get the EGR valve and cooler assembly along with the intake manifold. Figured if I had a spare I could clean it out to my liking and then swap out the old with the refurbished old parts. Well obviously waited too long, went to the junk yard to find the whole motor was ripped out already. I did see an 09 Prius there with the rear view camera that had the home link and auto dimmer feature in it so got that to see if I could retrofit it into my CT that only had a regular rear view mirror. Also got the wire cover and the connector for the rear view mirror. Wasn't 100% sure if the rear view mounts would be the same but usually Toyota/Lexus cars use parts across multiple platforms if they can so took the gamble that paid off. Same mounts.

These mirrors are made by Gentex and come to find out they make the mirrors for a plethora of vehicle manufacturers. A lot of them also have temp, compass display etc. built in as well. Working with what I have and found the wiring diagram for it as shown below. The 10 wire connector uses the basic 3 connections to work.

I also wanted to not run wires down the A-pillar etc and wire it to look like it was stock. Was hoping to find a wiring harness already under the upper console but didn't so had to trace the wires needed. The wires needed are the denoted below. Just three wires, Constant 12V, Ignition 12V, and Ground.

Ran the wires from the rear view mirror through the headliner, through the factory loom itself and soldered it onto the corresponding wires of the factory harness. 

Used the wire cover off the Prius as well and everything looks like factory.

Simple mod that can be done for cheap and now I have home link and auto dimming. Everything works as it should and happy. Low key do want the rear view mirror that show temperature and compass. Also do this at your own risk I claim no responsibility if things go south. 

-AJ Abraham

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