Sunday, November 6, 2011

Malcolm's S2000 with AP2 Conversion

After test driving multiple cars, Malcolm easily fell in love with the styling and handling of the S2000. Flawless Garage was able to find the perfect car for him and his budget. This S2000 is an AP1 S2000 with a full AP2 conversion,  OEM hardtop, Buddy Club header, Invidia q300 exhaust  and low miles. The car initially had Tein springs on it but that was quickly swapped out for D2 coilovers, so we can go lower.  Next came wheels, but the decision was difficult. This being a daily driver, the plan was to keep the handling and drive-ability of the car, retaining what Malcolm fell in love with when he first drove the car. After going through the countless of options out there, Malcolm went with Blitz Type 01 wheels, which looks perfectly at home on the body of the S2000.  After acquiring a set with the width and offsets that would retain his drive-ability, the faces were disassembled and powder coated in a pagan gold. This is just the beginning for this car, Malcolm is new to the scene and continues to amass ideas and influence from all circles of the tuning scene.  This is a first look at Malcolm's car in its infancy.

Make               : Honda
Model             : S2000
Year                : 2001
Wheels           : Blitz Type 01, 17 x 8 (F) 17 x 9 (R)
Suspensions   : D2 Coilovers
Other Mods  : AP1 with AP2 conversion, OEM hardtop, Buddy Club header, Invidia q300 exhaust, Carbon DI-NOC wrapped interior accents, 6000K Low beams and much more to come...