Monday, July 16, 2012

Lexus GS fogs with Mercedes DRL retrofit

So I've been toying with this idea for awhile and finally decided to do this. I had sourced some LED's like the ones on the E class which I thought would flow on the 2nd gen GS. Most of the ones that I found were of a plastic housing with chrome reflectors. These were made out of metal, sealed and were completely black..

Had to make a mounting bracket of sorts so I used Lexan. It should hold up to debris etc and mainly cause I had some lying around. Heating the Lexan I mimicked the angles of the stock fog lights and cut it out to how it sits in the bumper. 

After I got the basic shape down had to smooth out the edges and after a little modification it fit. So the fog lights that I used to mock the mounting bracket had a broken tab at the bottom and I failed to realize it till I went to put it on the car. The ends looked like an 'F' so instead of starting over I I made the other side the same way to symbolize both the 'F's in Flawless Fitment.

Was trying to figure out where to place the LED's so was playing around with location before I drilled the holes on the brackets to mount them. I thought this would be the best location for it.

I wrapped the Lexan with some semi gloss vinyl and mounted the LED's.

Used some 9006 female connectors, all soldered and heat-shrinked and ready to go.

How it sits in the bumper.

These are pretty bright, was a little surprised at how bright they really were.

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