Sunday, July 1, 2012

S2000 Engine Swap

Being low runs a toll on every car and in Malcolm's case it cost him an engine. The car is an 01 with only 63,000 miles on it and although devastating Malcolm chose to bounce back up and get things running right. With a trip overseas scheduled right after the accident we took the reigns of getting the motor swap done and getting it back on the road.  Danny and Kevin at Phantasm stepped up to get this project done. A new motor with similar mileage was ordered along with all new seals. Front main seal, rear main seal, valve cover gasket kit, water-pump, clutch fork, exhaust manifold gasket, pilot bearing, throw out bearing, thermostat  etc were all ordered as well to revamp the motor and get all the maintenance items take care of while the motor was out. 

On removing the motor we discovered that the clutch and flywheel was toast, well more like burnt toast. The Competition Clutch Ironman Series was ordered. We had experienced the clutch in the past when Competition Clutch had come down for a sponsored event and the feel of the clutch on their car was phenominal. "The IronMan provides outstanding stability, smooth engagement, and less wear on opposing surfaces. Offers 175% increase in torque capacity". The clutch was paired with an ACT XACT Streelite Flywheel. All the fluids were flushed  twice and replaced with Amsoil fluids. The clutch bites and needs some getting used to but feels awesome. Light on the pedal with a kick when it bites. Lowering the pedal, cleaning out the throttle body and fine tuning the throttle cable gave it a more manageable engagement and would definitely recommend the clutch. 


Now that his baby is back on the road he can concentrate more on staying low and fashion it to his needs. Definitely a newcomer to keep an eye out for. 

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