Sunday, January 20, 2013

3rd Gen Lexus GS - Roof spoiler with third brake light.

The Lexus LS460 has the third brake light integrated into the roof spoiler, very subtle and a nice detail on the car. I wanted a similar mod ever since I saw it. Although not as clean as the LS, below is my attempt at integrating the third brake light into the spoiler. 

Started off with ordering a roof spoiler which I thought was subtle enough to add the definition without being too bold. Also I ordered a fiberglass wing and not urethane, solely for modification purposes.

A slight cleanup of the lines to make it a little smoother and fitment was on point. An outline of the third brake light was made and transferred onto the spoiler. The outline was cut and trimmed to fit the third brake light. 

Also a small hole was drilled in the corner of the wing to run the power wire, not visible once on the car. Fuzor was used to fill in the gaps and hold the third brake light in place. Also the drilled hole for the wire was filled in with fuzor as well. 

After cure time, verified again that the LED's are working and continued to smooth the fuzor to match the lines of the wing and was primed.

The whole wing was then sanded smooth and primed again after fixing more manufacturing defects and went in for paint to Jeremy @ The Body Shop. I would like to thank him at this point for doing an awesome job on it.

Will post pics on the vehicle when everything else falls into place. Till then the parts pile up continues.

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