Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Anh-Tuan's SC300 - Blast from the Past

The SC was definitely among the first for us, embarking us onto this journey into the VIP scene. If memory serves me correctly it was around 2005 when this was started. Bone stock 1992 SC300, black with tan interior was the canvas that screamed for attention and much needed TLC. The interior was pretty bad. The needles didn't work, carpet was real dirty, seats were torn up, all the dash stuff was dirty and stained and it badly needed a makeover:

To fix the interior, all the tan/brown parts were dyed to black.

The tan carpet was really bad, so some new black carpet and black floor mats were ordered. Black seats front and back were ordered too. Also the dildomatic shifted and was converted to a gated shifter. For entertainment the Pioneer ACI-Z2 was installed. All the updates to the interior along with the IS300 steering wheel and TRD badging for the wheel gave the car a nice updated look. 

The first choice of wheels and suspension were Tein Comfort Sports and Work Euroline DH. The Work wheels were bought used and they were powder-coated black. The wheels were re-powdercoated to silver and the lip was re-polished.

The stock motor started giving multiple problems. Gas pedal kept getting stuck, oil leaks due to a bad rear main seal, and a few other minor issues. To fix the issues, a 1JZ-GTE from JHOT Imports with only 40K miles on it was ordered.

While waiting for the motor to come in, an Auto Couture kit finally made it home after a few months. The stock 97+ grill, fog lights, and body moldings as well were ordered to flow with the revamped new look of the car. Fitment on the kit was excellent.

Some puddle lights were ordered and installed as well.

Once the motor came in from JHot, it literally came with everything you could possibly need for the swap. The wiring harness was extended, soldering every wire, and heat shrinking them. Another 8 hours to pull the old motor out, drop the new motor in and get her running with new fluids etc. Phantasm Motorsports did the engine swap and Danny did an excellent job putting everything together.

Once the motor was done, the braking needed to be addressed. An LS400 brake conversion ordered, calipers painted gold and was put on. Brakes were much needed for this baby.

Anh-Tuan has always been a fan of the Leon Hardiritt Beils so it was only a matter of time till they were ordered. 

With all the mods in place the only thing left to do was to get it painted and complete the transformation of this diamond from the rough. Fresh coat of 202 black paint and it was done.

Seeing this car transform from its infancy to the end is a pleasure in itself and luckily it has moved on to a fellow enthusiast who will undoubtedly enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed building her.

• Year/make/model. 
1992 Lexus SC300

• Engine Modifications.
-1JZ-GTE Swap
-Dual Flex-a-Lite Electric Fan Conversion
-NGK Platinum Spark Plugs

• Interior mods. 
-Converted Tan Interior to Black interior (leather seats, door panels, dash, center console, carpet, floor mats, ect.)
-Gated Shifter Conversion
-3-spoke IS300 steering wheel
-Junction Produce neck pads
-Junction Produce seat cushions
-Junction Produce Kurotsuna
-PIAA white interior lighting
-Recaro baby seat 
-Brush Aluminum Lexus Door Sills

• Body mods/paint. 
-Full Auto Couture bodykit
-97+ door panels, fog lights, and grill
-Puddle Lights
-Lip spoiler
-JDM Toyota window visor
-Sunroof visor
-Side Winker Mirrors
-Smoked tail lights
-Ceramic Tint
-New Onyx Black paintjob
-6000K HIDs
-Rolled fenders

• Audio/video. 
-Pioneer AVIC Z2 Head Unit
-Pioneer Steering wheel remote
-modded Metra faceplate
-Tein EDFC Module custom fitted inside ashtray holder

• Suspension/brakes. 
-Tein Comfort Sport Coilovers
-new Supra LCA, motor mounts, and transmission mount
-Daizen Steering Rack Bushing
-LS400 Brakes conversion

• Wheels/tires.[/quote]
-Leon Hardiritt Beil Wheels (18x9 front, 18x10 rear)


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