Tuesday, September 24, 2013

LS460 VIP Build.

This was a long time coming! I actually got this LS460 for Amila about 2 years ago, Alex at Carolina Quality Pre-Owned in Garner NC got us a great deal and personally made the long drive back to NC, much love homie. Smokey Granite exterior, Grey interior and black burlwood trim kit, low miles and fresh!!! Did a led and hid upgrade, tint and my much loved PIAA wiper blades from the get go. Fast forward to about July 2013 when the mod bug bit and the idea of lowering the LS460 was tossed around. Well since we've been on an air kick that's what I suggested. Weighing the pros and cons Amila opted to go with air. Didn't waste anytime ordering this and D2 didn't wast anytime getting this in! Again I coupled the D2 with Ridetech and opted for the level sensors on this as well. With all the parts necessary to go air in hand we looked around for wheel options. Almost all the wheels Amila liked were discontinued, his choices were the SuperStar Beil's and the VipModulars VX110. As soon as he mentioned Beil's I remembered seeing a set for sale. After a couple of measurements and research, figured the wheels would fit, so contacted the seller and in 3 days it was in my possession ready to go on.

Beginning of September we started on the car. Couple of things I wanted to make sure of was 1) The car can be daily driven 2) Keep the air components hidden and leave a fully usable trunk. So with these goals in mind I started on the trunk setup first. The tank, dual Viair 444C, valve body and ECU was strategically placed in the wheel well and is completely serviceable. To help in the installation of the suspensions I went ahead and removed the back seats and deck lid. The shock towers is unfortunately under the trunk lid. With the trunk setup all done and the back seats out we proceeded with the bags and level sensors. As usual Matt did a great job in doing the install. All the lines were safely routed through the frame rail and away from all moving and possible lifting points etc. Wherever the lines came in contact with metal edges they were protected and everything was fastened down and secure. The level sensors were mounted and calibrated evenly on all corners and it was good to go. Put the stock wheels back on and rolled out! Ride felt good, a little stiffer on stock ride height but the pressure seemed a little too high for my taste. Adjusting for pressure can take a couple of tries sometimes, especially when different wheels are involved. On stock wheels we had to raise the car up via coilovers and this reduced the pressure in the front and the backs. 
On to the wheel fitment. For the wheels we really didn't want to go with a stretch tire but with the offset of the wheels etc this could not be avoided in the back. Even after shaving the rear lip, fitting a non stretched tire was not possible without body work, So with a slight stretch on the tires in the rear we were able to have this car tucking. Adjusted the height again for the new wheels and evened out the pressure and dampening for a smoother ride. Very happy with how this turned out.
Like to give a big shout out to Alex for his help getting the car. If anyone is looking for a good trustworthy dealer to help you get a car or help you find one I would highly recommend him, just Google Carolina Quality Pre-Owned in Garner NC to contact him.

-AJ Abraham

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