Sunday, April 12, 2015

SC430 with LS400 brake upgrade

Over the week I was experiencing a vibration between 40 and 50mph and I could hear my brakes squealing occasionally. So on Sunday finally had time to deal with it. I already had LS400 brakes and rotors ready to be put on, this just forced me to do it. 

I'm not going to go in depth on the installation since it's been well documented but I'll post a few pics during the process and a pic with where I cut the heat shield for reference.

These are the calipers that are going on. I did rebuild them and made a blog post on it earlier.Also had them painted, shout out to Jeremy from the body shop for this.

This is the RCA spacer I used, one piece aluminium. CNC Speedshop in Zebulon, NC made these for me, comes with class 12.9 bolts and washers. Fit was perfect. 

Used a m12x1.25 tapping tool and wd40 to clean out the bolt holes on the knuckle where the ball joint bolt goes through. Cleaning it is crucial because any debris or dirt can falsify torque specs.

Pic of the threads all cleaned up.

This pic is for reference, might help somebody else wanting to do this upgrade. The pink line denotes where I cut the heat shield, I was trying to take as little of it off to keep as much of the functionality of the heat shield. 

This is the heat shield cut and the hub after the surface rust was removed and coated with high temp paint. 

I was getting late at this point so didn't stop to take pics. Torque spec on the bolts with the RCA is 85ft-lbs, stock torque spec is 83 ft-lbs but the class 12.9 bolt will have no problems at that spec. Everything else is like stock, install rotors and screw on the loaded calipers. I did replace my lines with some stoptech stainless steel brake lines, front and back. Also did a full brake fluid flush with Amsoil Dot 3 brake fluid. 

I'll post pics of the completed job later on.

-AJ Abraham

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