Thursday, March 26, 2015

SC430 Tint redone!

With summer right around the corner I wanted to get the tints on my car redone, they were faded to an ugly purple. Steamed the tints off and got rid of all the excess glue. I don't understand people who drive around in expensive cars and cheap out on tint! Why would you not spend the little extra to and put good tint on and not use the dye based tint!! You can see that the tint started off black and has faded to a bluish purple!! Please use a ceramic, hybrid or metal based films. 

Anh-tuan did the rear window's, don't know why we decide to do random stuff at night. Well it was dark and chilly but we got the tint off with minimal glue residue. Stopped with that and I let my tint guy do the rest.

Went up to my tint shop and put some samples up. Gonna drive around and see which one I like.

I think I'm ready for the summer. Picked out a tint which has a slight reflectiveness to it to flow with the color of the car. Black tint IMO would've stood out a little. I'm happy with it, have to give it a couple of days and go back to get the rears windshield a once over to get some air pockets out around the defroster lines. 

-AJ Abraham

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