Tuesday, August 17, 2021

LX470 - Rear Diff Pinion Seal

Did my rear pinion seal and diff fluid yesterday, nothing exciting to report but just a few notes. I wasn't comfortable using just the 54mm axle nut socket but I had a 60mm to 73mm hub centric ring lying around which fits perfectly around the Pinion seal. It also has a lip that would sit flush with the diff when you are driving it in so as not to overdrive the seal into the lip. Used the 54mm socket to drive the hub centric ring as shown in the pictures. 

I used Amsoil 75W/90 for the diff fluid. I found an expandable nozzle that screws perfectly onto the Amsoil bottle and worked perfectly to fill the rear diff. The expandable nozzle came with a Peak Blue Def diesel exhaust fluid bottle.

-AJ Abraham

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