Tuesday, February 7, 2023

CT200h - Catch Can Install

 Was swapping out the EGR valve, cooler, intake and PCV valve so was the best time to install a catch can. To prep for this I had already 3D printed out a catch can holder that I found on thingverse, huge thanks to everyone who takes the time to share their work. I'll probably get one printed in carbon fiber later. 

After I found a good placement for it I drilled a hole, touched up the exposed paint with primer and then used a nutsert in the hole to hold the catch can holder. 

I cut the factory U piping from the PCV to the intake and used 3/8 barb fittings to splice into some 3/8" ID fuel hoses.  

The following pictures is just to denote how I routed the hoses  

During the actual install, I found out the front plastic engine cover didn't fit. I ended up trimming it to fit. 

All back together. Happy with how it turned out, will check on it to see how well it actually works over time. 

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