Tuesday, February 7, 2023

CT200h - Intake, EGR valve and cooler assembly PCV swap & Lessons learned.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, this has been well documented. I didn't however need to take the plastic cowling, wipers and tray off. I was able to get to everything without doing so.  

Lesson learned:

So, this was interestingly annoying! I got the new egr valve with part number 25520-37120 which replaces the part number 25520-37110 that was currently on my car. Well, after swapping everything the car started but the 'Check Hybrid System' warning came on and I couldn't put it into gear and it wouldn't move. I reset the 12V battery and the hybrid battery with no change. On further research I found out that there was a TSB issued, L-SB-0015-16 in regards to the EGR Valve for 2011-2012. The TSB would update the ECU to accept the new EGR part. Considering that my CT has been serviced completely at Lexus till about 2020 I figured it would already be done. Anyway, dismantled my old EGR valve, cleaned it out, pulled the whole assembly out replaced the EGR valve from the assembly with the clean EGR cooler and reinstalled it. Plugged the batteries back up and all is well. 

Also, I didn't fill the coolant back up to 'Full'. Lost some coolant when I pulled out some of the coolant lines connected to the EGR cooler and throttle body. Instead of burping the system I usually just drive it for a bit till it reaches operating temperature and then park it and then next day fill coolant. The 'Check Hybrid System' message came up after about 5 minutes of driving but the car was still drivable so I attributed that to the coolant being low. Filled up the coolant the next day, reset the batteries again drove it around and no more light or issues. All's well that ends well. 

-AJ Abraham

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