Friday, July 14, 2023

300ZX - Ground up epic re-build - Interior!

When striping the car down for paint we had also stripped the interior out to get the interior refreshed. Since the interior was stripped we went ahead and added some sound deadening and ran new wires etc. for a sound system upgrade as well. 

The factory speaker boxes were modified to accommodate the new speakers.

While at paint the interior was getting some new new EVERYTHING!! The dashboard got wrapped in leather and incorporated red double stitching no the edges to add definition and detail. 

Look at all that detail work!!

The door panels and seats got some love too. Everything was wrapped in a mix of leather and suede with the aforementioned double red stitching as well. 

Fresh glass installed after paint as well!

The interior came out beautiful if I do say so myselfl!!! Awesome details!!

The red stitching even flows from the door panels to the dash!

Super happy with how this turned out!

-AJ Abraham

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