Friday, July 14, 2023

300ZX - Ground up epic re-build - Body Work & Paint!

With the engine bay addressed an awaited order finally came in. The first TwinZ Design body in the US! Mocked up the kit and everything fit beautifully! Took some measurements for clearance etc and the next stage of this build was underway!

The front fender and rear quarter panel was cut and cleared for the car to go lower and take advantage of the body kit. The inner rear quarter panel was welded onto the outer panel to keep the structural integrity. 

The car was stripped and every single piece was disassembled and painted and addressed individually.  

For the wing we chose to mold the aftermarket wing to smooth out the lines of the trunk and happy we did.

With everything stripped & all the body work complete it was ready for paint. Painting all the parts individually meant a couple of paint sessions.

This color looks so beautiful on this car!

To finish putting the kit on we had drilled holes previously and now after paint proceeded to install rivet nuts to mount the kit on. Masked off all areas where possible marring might occur.

Did the same process for the front fenders as well after it was cleranced for the kit and lower stance. 

There was a lot of white so everything looked like it blended in. To add more definition decided to go with a black textured undercoating, This adds a rugged nuance and also adds definition which makes the kit stand out more. Did that to the rear bumper, side skirt extension and the canards for the front bumper.

-AJ Abraham

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