Wednesday, December 20, 2023

LX470 - Morimoto Retrofit

 When I got the LX I immediately changed out all the halogen bulbs with HID kits because visibility at night was horrendous. Having HID kits in the low, high and fog lights helped a little but visibility was still not good. After the paint job I thought it was best to tackle this issue. I chose to do a retro fit, nothing out of the box but one that has been done by a lot of other enthusiasts and hence this is not going to be a detailed write up because it is well documented.

I chose to get some pre-made brackets from LBBuiltwerks. The projectors I used were also the ones suggested by lbbuiltwerks which was the Bi-Xenon: Morimoto Mini H1 8.0 Stage III Kit. Some costs can be cut here, you can just get the brackets and the bi-xenon morimoto mini h1 projectors and use a cheaper H1 HID kit but I just chose to do it once and hopefully will last a long time. So the brackets and the morimoto kit was ordered.

Everything went pretty seamlessly, well written instructions by lbbuiltwerks and quality products just makes for a much easier job. Baked the headlights, installed everything as per direction, the wiring is the only part I changed up a little. I had some spare HID bulb connectors which I de-pinned and fed through the  factory cap to make a jumper harness between the ignitor on the outside of the headlight and the bulb which was inside the headlight.

I also chose to tie in the hi beam signal for the low beam to a jumper harness for the high beam. 

Everything was sealed properly and aligned on the truck before final assembly. 

Fresh Morimoto rubber sealing glue was used to re-seal the headlights as well.

When I say that the difference is night and day I mean it! The cut off lines are beautiful and the light projection is wonderfully bright and far. I cannot recommend this mod enough! Very satisfying.

-AJ Abraham

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  1. Looks Great. Can you provide the exact Morimoto Mini H1 8.0 Stage III Kit configuration?