Wednesday, December 27, 2023

LX470 - Prospeed Roof Rack Install

When prospeed came out with the rack for the 100 series I loved the profile of it. Sleek, followed the contours of the truck and thought it looked the best so had bought it. Well over a year later it's time to install it. Installation is not complicated, pretty straight forward, it just took me over a year because I was waiting on painting my truck and wanted to put it on after the fact.

I added a silicone pad to the bottom of the mounts on the off chance the mount touches the body during installation. Yup, I agree, very unnecessary.

I modified the gutter rail covers and trimmed the factory covers for the cut outs for the new bolt locations. Since I was doing that figured it could use a coat of rubberized paint to freshen it up. 

Everything else for installation is pretty self explanatory, only note here would be that there are 12 spacers that come with the rack. 4 taller ones and 8 shorter ones, the 4 taller spacers are to be used for the front mounting points. I just used some silicone sealant to fill in the mounting holes and then bolt the rack down to prevent any leaks. 

I chose the led bar cut out option for the front wind deflector and did have it mounted but the wiring is not long enough to route into the engine bay so need to modify that so that there isn't a plug in the middle of my windshield molding. Would an extra 2 feet of wire too much to ask here? 

Love the roof rack though! 

For the led bar, needed to extend the wiring so ordered some 12AWG outdoor wiring and got to work. Extended the wiring and made sure everything had heat shrink, electric tape and even the sheathing under more heat shrink. 

Trimmed down the cowl enough to clearance the wiring to run down the channel in the windshield trim.

Done with no visible wiring. Now to figure out a switch panel setup to power them up!

-AJ Abraham

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