Sunday, March 22, 2015

SC430 Air ride install

Over the week I got some time to finally install my air ride suspensions. I wanted to try a couple of different things so did the install at D2. Was trying to do it after work so took two days just because I wanted to try some new different bags that we were testing along with different length collars etc. Happy to say that everything is on and works AWESOME!! When the car is raised to stock ride height it drives beautifully, even lowered it drives amazing. Just waiting on a couple of pieces from ridetech to complete everything. But been driving it for the past two days and I'm very happy.

All the wiring, lines, valve body, ecu etc in the trunk..

Rear bag setup with ride height sensors...

Front bag setup with ride height sensors..

How the car sits aired out..

Now just need to put my wheels on, alignment, get the fenders rolled and go from there.

-AJ Abraham

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