Friday, July 16, 2021

LX470 - On-board Air

After the drawer system was done, I felt that the rig could use a compressor system. I had a couple of components for air at home so I set out to plan for that. I wanted to utilize the space under the flaps on one side just to maximize space so set out to do that. 

First I laid out the tank and compressor to see what works best as far as layout, clearances etc. 

With the measurements of the components in place traced out the floor and the sides. This would make it completely removable and going to integrate the straps etc. to hold the onboard air in place as well. Pics below shows the platform I came up with.

The platform was clearanced and fits perfectly under the flap.

With the platform clearanced, positioned the compressor and tank for it's final location.  

The mockup and mounting of components. Created a wiring harness utilizing a switch, a pressure switch, a relay and an automatic reset trip fuse. I wanted the setup to work only when the car is on and the switch is on as well. When the tank reaches 150psi the pressure switch turns the compressor off, when the tank falls to 120psi the pressure switch turns the compressor on. All the wires are soldered, heat shrunk where needed and used tech flex to clean up the wiring. 

There are three wires to unplug and the whole unit is removable. Power, Ground and ignition trigger.

All the components mounted.

Dismounted everything and then carpeted the platform to match the drawer system.

Platform carpeted and everything mounted.

This is the other end of the harness that will get wired to the car. 

Unit mounted and strapped down using the same straps holding the drawer system down as well. 

Used one of the tank holes to mount a pressure gauge and another with a safety coupler to attach an air hose and fittings.

Everything fits nicely under the flap. 

Happy with how everything turned out. 

-AJ Abraham

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