Monday, July 12, 2021

LX470 - Park Light & Turn Signal Light mod

 This might be pointless to some but I didn't like how the top corner lights was just park lights and the turn signals were down next to the fog lights. I was going to upgrade the headlights and fog lights to white and I wanted the park lights in the corner lights to be white as well to match. At the same time I wanted to use the corner lights to be amber turn signals as well and the turn signals in the bumper next to the fog lights to be amber turn signals and amber park lights. 

To start I wanted to clean up and smooth out the fog lights which was definitely showing its age. Sanded the fog lights using 600, 800, 1200, 2000 and then got them cleared using PPG's 2K Clear.

With the fog lights looking fresh, I ordered the clear corner lights as well. 

The fog lights and the corner lights from factory come with a two pin connector. For what I want to accomplish the two pin connector needs to be converted to a three pin connector to use a dual filament bulb. 

Parts List:
For the socket that goes into the corner lights and the fog lights:
Toyota part: 90075-60060 x 4
For the connectors to go into the sockets you can either go OEM: 
Toyota part: Housing connector (3 Prongs): 90980-11020 x2
Toyota part: Terminal Repair (for insert into housing connector) - 82998-12440 x 12
Aftermarket Toyota style connector: Corsa-technic - TS090-3S-6
Bulbs needed:
Light Bulb (Dual Filaments): Sylvania 7443 x2
Switch back LED: 7443 x 2

Now to test and note what control what on the connector. For this I just used a 12V battery to power and test the connectors.

Below is the wiring schematic for the connector.

With the schematic figured out, I created a harness to integrate into the factory wiring. Everything is soldered, heat shrinked and used techflex wire loom for a clean look. 

The white wire coming out of the harness I made goes to the park light side trigger of the harness. This white wire I spliced into the green wire which is the park light signal on the factory harness. The yellow wire on my harness goes to the the turn signal side trigger of the harness. This yellow wire gets spliced into the green wire on the factory fog light harness. The ground black wire from my harness goes to the white and black wire on both ends of the factory harness. 

I left the factory connectors and wiring in place just incase the mod needed to be reversed. All the wiring was soldered, heat shrunk and taped up where needed.

This is what it looks like with the park lights on now. White up top and amber at the bottom.  

With the turn signals on, both top and bottom blink amber. 

Happy how it turned out, now I just need to figure out what I want to do for the headlights and fog lights.

-AJ Abraham

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